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Your customers are asking for better, smarter, more clinically knowledgeable representatives. It’s time to respond. At Critical Thinking Co., we develop stronger working relationships between the pharmaceutical/biotech and healthcare industries through inspired sales strategy consulting and training programs. With pharmaceutical companies facing a loss in public trust and healthcare providers (HCPs) closing their doors to uninformed and unhelpful sales professionals, we saw a need for more comprehensive, relevant sales education. We deliver the clinical, marketplace, and problem-solving expertise that sales teams need to form mutually beneficial partnerships with HCPs, regain trust, and bridge that industry gap.

We’re called Critical Thinking Co. for a reason – our unique programs provide your staff with the crucial critical thinking skills that are at the root of problem solving. True salespeople solve problems – they figure out the gaps between what is (status quo) and what could be (value of their product or offering). We make sure your sales teams have the skills, knowledge, and credibility it takes to do just that. We facilitate partnerships. You increase access. And when the pharmaceutical/biotech and healthcare industries can work together, everyone benefits: providers, patients, and your business.