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”Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.”
–Paul Batalden, MD

Sales is a system of problem solving. Is your sales team prepared to get results?

Critical Thinking Co. has been challenging the status quo and building high-impact, results-driven sales teams since 2002. We saw that, over time, the pharmaceutical sales method of the blockbuster era – repeating marketing messages and dumping data – was alienating physicians and tarnishing the reputation of pharmaceutical companies. We knew there had to be a better way to sell.

Our innovative, adaptable programs empower your representatives to partner with healthcare providers and think critically to solve even the most complex healthcare sales problems. We create better-educated, more clinically astute representatives who are qualified to speak credibly and objectively about the therapeutic areas in which they participate as well as the treatments they represent.

Critical Thinking Co.’s process begins with identifying opportunities to increase your company’s influence and achieve the results you need. We work with you, from strategy consultation to sales training and development, to ensure your team can effectively deploy the clinical expertise and critical thinking skills your customers are looking for. Your teams become more capable, confident, and credible. Your customers feel more respected. And together, we bring more thoughtfulness and purpose to the pharma and biotech industries.