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What’s in a name?

Or – more to the point – what’s in our name?  According to The Foundation for Critical Thinking, a critical thinker:

  • Raises vital questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely;
  • Gathers and assesses relevant information, using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively comes to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards;
  • Thinks open-mindedly within alternative systems of thought, recognizing and assessing, as need be, their assumptions, implications, and practical consequences; and
  • Communicates effectively with others in figuring out solutions to complex problems.

This dedicated and conscientious approach underscores our entire process, from our program development to your teams’ sales calls. We analyze and interpret your situation, ask the important questions, and collaborate successfully with you to solve pressing problems – all so your team can do the same for their customers. Our mission is to get your sales professionals thinking critically – to approach their customers in a relevant, reasoned, and results-driven manner. It’s a smarter and more strategic way to do things.

And in this industry, good thinking is critical.