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4 Bars of Belief

4 Bars of Belief is a unique program that teaches a sales team how to leverage sales tactics more effectively based on customer beliefs. For our client, using the 4 Bars of Belief strategy contributed to a 14% increase per year in patients identified and treated.

4 Bars of Belief

This sales strategy and accompanying in-depth clinical training and MicroResidency™ program gave our client more access to healthcare providers, recognition by a medical association, and a dramatic shift in market position to become the market leader.

Power 6

Power6 was an innovative custom-built selling platform created for an emerging commercial team, based on Active Influence™. The multifaceted program with an emphasis on treatment outcomes became a key part
of the company culture.


This “boot camp”-type program strengthened rapid recall and problem solving skills to drive strategic thinking and business execution and increase selling effectiveness in key accounts. STAT uses components of Operationalizing the Strategic Mindset (OSM), our Business Acumen training method.

STAT Training