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Physicians today want to see sales professionals who are clinically astute, which means what you bring to the table must be relevant to each and every customer.

Your sales teams need to not only understand the disease states in which they operate, they also need to have a full grasp of the clinical decision making their customers face. Possessing that expertise is foundational to the confidence that it takes to lead intelligent conversations about patient care.

Critical Thinking Co.’s MicroResidency program provides the bedrock of clinical knowledge necessary for customer-facing teams to become vital partners to healthcare providers. The 10-14 week MicroResidency training and education program typically includes:

  • In-depth home-study comprised of eLearning modules, print modules, and interactive patient case apps
  • Precepted case studies facilitated by specialty thought leaders
  • Onsite courses delivered by academic faculty designed with high levels of clinical discussion and interaction
  • Technology-enabled mock clinics supported by consultant practice providers
  • Oral case presentations to healthcare faculty