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When you aim to hit a new sales target, are you aiming for the bull's-eye?

Critical Thinking Co.’s sales strategy consultants have a three-step process to help you hit your target dead-on.

  1. Define the Opportunity | 2. Clarify the Mission | 3. Engineer a Sales Strategy

Critical Thinking Co. works with your sales, marketing, and brand leadership to find opportunities for growth. Through creative collaboration, critical thinking, and market analysis, we discover new paths for your sales teams to pursue. Once we’ve determined your areas of opportunity, we define a mission for your team that gives them the focus and drive they need to make the greatest impact on your target market. Then we engineer a sales strategy for your team that establishes the big-picture changes your team will need to make in their sales approach.

Services we offer:

  • Long and short term brand planning
  • Brand strategy refinement
  • Brand strategy and tactic execution/measurement
  • Sales strategy development/retooling (Target & Output)
  • Sales force optimization
  • Sales presentation development
  • Market research survey/tool development
  • Forecast/budget planning
  • Marketing team coaching