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For the past few decades, sales interactions in the life sciences industry have been characterized by one-sided, information-driven monologues to healthcare providers (HCPs).

But with medicine becoming increasingly complex and specialized, HCPs don’t have the time or the energy to sit through more product-driven data dumps. They need more than data and information – they need partners in patient care.

Active Influence™ is Critical Thinking Co.’s proprietary selling framework, designed to help your sales professionals become confident, capable experts who pursue positive outcomes for healthcare providers, patients, and your business. Our customer- and patient-centered approach emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving skills so that your employees can adapt to any healthcare sales scenario and serves as a collaborative, goal-focused alternative to the traditional step-by-step selling model.

Active Influence trains your sales teams to:

  • Establish mutually-beneficial goals with customers that support their patients, practice, or institution
  • Link customer-centric goals with actions
  • Leverage relevant information and data to support actions
  • Address barriers to actions and reinforce HCP actions related to patient outcomes
  • Use every customer engagement to move the customer forward
How do we train our framework?

Our interactive, multi-faceted training program includes:

Active Influence Essentials eLearning Primer

  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Workbook for individualized practice
Customizable Active Influence eLearning Sales Simulator
Instructor-led workshops and “live fire” simulations that involve actual customer engagement
Tailored content to reinforce Active Influence within the context of your company